You are currently viewing Safeguarding the Indian art heritage is the need of the moment. Discuss.

Safeguarding the Indian art heritage is the need of the moment. Discuss.

The word “legacy” has many meanings that touch on aspects of nature, culture, cuisine, and other things. We know that Indian art heritage and culture is one of the best cultures across the world, but currently it has been drastically declined due to various human reasons. If these arts not conserved, so it will be diminishing for future.

Some of the important threats by Foreign influence

  • Handmade silk, clothes are going to extinct due to tremendous competition from European and other foreign countries.
  • Most of the people not accept transition to younger generation and due faces continue deteriorations.

Threats to Indian Art Heritage

  • Major issues for the preservation of Indian art heritage include a lack of public awareness, armed conflict and war, earthquakes and other natural catastrophes, pollution, poaching, unchecked urbanisation, and unchecked tourism development.

Need for conserving Indian art heritage

  • The preservation of historic sites is a one-way street because regret only flows in one direction. There is no prospect of saving them when it is gone.
  • History here serves as a laboratory and the past as a demarcation to comprehend the local laws and social systems. Human awareness evolution is an ongoing process.

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