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How to write answer in Mains

How to write answer in UPSC Mains examination.

Very Effective Strategy Given By Mr. Kartikeya Jaiswal, AIR 35, UPSC CSE 2021

It’s a very important to how you write answer in mains paper. We are not writing unusual parts in this section. We are only explaining you how you need to write perfect answer in mains paper.

First Part

First significant part of the writing is how you understand the questions, so first you must understand what’s the need of question. And write historical part of person or thing which need in question.

Second Part

Try to give subheading which totally belonging to question or you can also put question. And it’s very beginning part so you use very short and heavy words which covers only few area and great impact to examiner. We  are explaining through an example

Q: Krishnadeva Raya, the King of Vijayanagar, was not only an accomplished scholar himself but was also a great patron of learning and literature. Discuss.


Krishnadeva Raya: He was an emperor of the   Vijayanagar Empire

and third monarch of Tuluva dynasty. He had written a book Amuktamalyada.

Born: 1471 (Hampi)

Died: 1529 (Hampi)

King Krishnadeva Raya as a great patron of learning and literature

  1. His generation produced a lot of literature in different languages.
  2. It is also known as a golden age of Telgu.
  3. During his rule, Telugu literature entered a new phase as copies of Sanskrit masterpieces gave place to.
  4. He patronised Allasanipeddana,who wrote Manucharitram  in Telgu language which was in form of Prabandha.
  5. He supported traditional dancing styles like Bharatanatyam and Kuchipudi, which peaked during Krishnadeva Raya’s rule.


As a result, the reign of Krishnadeva Raya can be seen as the turning point in the development of South Indian literature, which was able to emerge from the shadows of Sanskrit heritage and take on its present form.

Above example is perfect answer for the question we have used less words and explained history of the particular subject now examiner know that we know about the question. We have also putted a book which express we also know that Krishnadeva was related to great literature.

Third Part

Now we need to draw some drawings or map which shows Krishnadeva Raya region, because map or drawing give at least two to three extra marks. Try to draw map in separate box which occupied very small area.

Fourth Part

Now you have to explain everything according to your question. Don’t repeat any words or sentences and try to write everything in numerical form so it will be occupying much space and you can complete your full page. Its very important that we didn’t leave any blank pages, blank pages show negative impact to examiner.

Fifth Part

Last part of the answer writes some conclusion if its needed. This process given you adequate number in mains examination.

Note: We have used very simple language to explain the process maybe there is some grammatical mistakes were remained.

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