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India's Union Public Service Commission UPSC conducts a highly competitive exam to select applicants for a variety of civil service positions in the government.

What happens when you fail the UPSC?

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India’s Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) conducts a highly competitive exam to select applicants for a variety of civil service positions in the government.

In the event that a candidate fails the UPSC, they may reapply the following year. As long as a candidate is eligible, there is no restriction on the number of times they can take the UPSC exam.

Failure in the UPSC, however, can be discouraging and demoralising. Applicants might experience discouragement and doubt their aptitude for passing the test. For them to increase their chances of success on the next try, it’s critical to maintain their optimistic attitude and focus on their areas of weakness.

To better prepare for the exam, candidates might seek advice and coaching from seasoned mentors, work hard, and practise solving previous years’ question papers. In order to prevent making the same mistakes again, they might also evaluate their errors and draw lessons from them.

Best alternative jobs for UPSC if I failed

  1. Public sector jobs: You can explore other government job opportunities that match your qualifications and skillset.
  2. Private sector jobs: Look for job opportunities in the private sector that align with your education and experience.
  3. Entrepreneurship: Consider starting your own business or becoming a freelancer in your area of expertise.
  4. Teaching: If you have a passion for teaching, you can pursue a career as a teacher in schools or colleges.
  5. Social work: Consider a career in social work if you have an interest in working with people and making a positive impact on society.
  6. Non-profit organizations: You can explore opportunities in non-profit organizations if you have a desire to work for a cause or make a difference in the community.
  7. Content creation: You can consider creating content in the form of writing, video, or audio if you have a creative flair.

It’s important to remember that failing the UPSC exam does not mean the end of your career. There are numerous other career options available, and it’s important to keep an open mind and explore the opportunities that match your interests and strengths.

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