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UPSC Topper 2023 Out | Topper List | Ishita Kishore

2023 Toppers of UPSC CSE 2023

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) released the UPSC Toppers List and the UPSC Final Results 2022–2023 on May 23, 2023. The 2023 UPSC Topper is Ishita Kishore. Garima Lohia and Uma Harathi N placed second and third, respectively, in the UPSC Toppers 2023, while Miss Ishita Kishore received AIR 1 in the UPSC CSE result 2023. In one of India’s most renowned exams, female applicants took the top three spots for the second consecutive year. See the list of UPSC Toppers for 2023 below.

Top 5 Toppers of 2023

  1. Ishita Kishore (5809986)
  2. Garima Lohia (1506175)
  3. Uma Harathin N (1019872)
  4. Smriti Mishra (0858695)
  5. Mayur Hazarika (0906457)

After the conversion of IRTS to Civil Services 2022, the reported openings have increased to 1022 this year, the highest number in the previous few years. Through the UPSC CSE 2022 Exam, 933 candidates have been recommended for postings, while 178 are kept on the reserve list. The UPSC 2022 Final Result pdf also contains the roll numbers of the 101 suggested applicants who were provisionally chosen. Below is a summary of the UPSC Toppers for 2023.

Full PDF List of Toppers

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