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Daily Current Affairs – 6 May 2024

Today’s current affairs include a variety of news and updates from various fields. Here are some of the key highlights:

  1. Micron’s Venture in India: Micron India’s Sanand unit is gearing up to unveil its inaugural batch of domestically manufactured semiconductor chips in 2025, with a focus on global exportation.
  2. Former BharatPe COO Launches Eternal Capital VC Fund: Dhruv Dhanraj Bahl, former COO of BharatPe, has launched his venture capital fund, Eternal Capital, in the dynamic landscape of Indian startups.
  3. Nicknames of States of United States: The top-10 most liberal cities in the United States for 2024 have been listed.
  4. World Press Freedom Day 2024: Celebrated on May 3rd, this day aims to raise awareness of the importance of a free press and the challenges faced by journalists worldwide.
  5. Veteran Politician V. Srinivas Prasad Passes Away: V. Srinivas Prasad, a seasoned leader and former Union Minister, passed away at the age of 76.
  6. India to Host 2025 BWF World Junior Badminton Championships: Guwahati will host the 2025 BWF World Junior Badminton Championships.

These are just a few of the current affairs updates from recent news. Staying informed about such events is crucial for individuals preparing for competitive exams like UPSC, SSC, and bank exams, as they often have a dedicated section for current affairs or general knowledge.

What are the latest news on covid-19.

The latest news on COVID-19 includes updates on vaccination rates, cases, and deaths across various countries, including India. Here are some key points from recent news sources:

  1. India’s COVID-19 Vaccination Rate: The vaccination rate among senior citizens in some local government units (LGUs) in India has been a concern, with the World Health Organization (WHO) expressing concern about the low vaccination rate among this demographic.
  2. Global Cases and Deaths: The COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread globally, with thousands of people infected and many deaths reported worldwide. The WHO has declared it a global pandemic.
  3. India’s COVID-19 Status: India’s total number of confirmed cases and casualties is increasing daily, with the country currently in stage two of transmission, where the virus infects people directly in contact with affected patients who returned from abroad.
  4. Government Response: Governments worldwide, including India, have implemented various measures to contain the spread of the virus, including lockdowns and restrictions on public gatherings.
  5. Research and Development: Efforts to develop vaccines and treatments for COVID-19 continue, with ongoing research and updates on the latest developments in the field.

These updates reflect the ongoing efforts to combat the COVID-19 pandemic and the evolving situation globally.

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