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Physics Wallah Launched New UPSC Batches for 2024

For those hoping to pass the esteemed UPSC exam, UPSC online coaching is a fantastic option. The UPSC Online Coaching Programme at Physics Wallah is made to give students the best, most affordable education possible. Students can address the challenges of the UPSC test with a solid foundation and a tactical strategy thanks to our knowledge and coaching.

1. UPSC Prahar Batch 2024

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One of the highlights of this course is the live lectures delivered by highly qualified and experienced faculties from across India. These faculties have a deep understanding of the UPSC examination pattern and syllabus, and they will guide you through the various subjects and topics in a language known as Hinglish, which is a mix of Hindi and English. This language blend ensures that you can understand the concepts clearly and effectively.

To keep you updated with the dynamic nature of the UPSC examination, the course offers comprehensive coverage of 1.5 years of current affairs through interactive lectures. The faculties will provide you with the necessary insights and analysis to understand the significant events and issues shaping the national and international landscape.

The course also includes class PowerPoint presentations (PPTs) that will be available on a dedicated mobile application. This allows you to access and review the lecture materials anytime and anywhere, ensuring that you have a comprehensive study resource at your fingertips.

To evaluate your progress and readiness for the UPSC Preliminary examination, the course provides a test series based on the latest exam pattern. This series consists of a total of 20 tests, allowing you to practice and assess your performance in a simulated exam environment.

In addition to the UPSC syllabus, the course integrates static and current affair preparation to provide you with a holistic understanding of the subjects. This approach ensures that you can connect the dots between theoretical concepts and their practical application in the real world.

To aid your revision process, quick revision booklets will be provided in both Hindi and English languages. These booklets summarize the key topics and serve as handy references during your revision sessions.

To further support your preparation, the course offers a thorough analysis of previous year question papers (PYQ). This analysis helps you identify the recurring patterns, important topics, and areas that require focused attention.

Additionally, we are pleased to announce that a free CSAT (Civil Services Aptitude Test) course is included, which covers the CSAT syllabus holistically. This course ensures that you are well-prepared for the CSAT component of the UPSC examination, which is a qualifying paper for the main examination.

To address any doubts or queries you may have, weekly doubt sessions will be conducted. These sessions provide a platform for interaction with the faculties and fellow aspirants, facilitating a collaborative learning environment.

Overall, this comprehensive and detailed course is designed to provide you with the necessary guidance, resources, and support to excel in the UPSC CSE 2023. Join us and embark on your journey towards success in the prestigious Civil Services Examination.

Focus Points on This Batch

01. MIRP (Mains and Interview Residential Program)* – student clearing prelims exam for 2024 will be called to PW Only IAS offline Centre for all paid (including residential) mains preparation .

02. COURSE START DATE –  5th June 2023 , COURSE END DATE –  30th March 2024

03. Class Duration – 2 to 2:30 Hrs, 2 Lectures a day, Mon-Sat, Weekly CA Lecture.

04. This will be a 11 Months live classes course for Aspirants & Recorded lectures are available til 31st May 2025.

05. LIVE lectures will be delivered in Hinglish Language by India’s best faculties.

06. Special emphasis on conceptual clarity and answer writing skills in classes. Practice and discussion of questions asked in the previous years as well as probable questions in upcoming exams

07. Weekly doubt sessions in live classes.

08. DPPs (Upto 10 MCQs, 1 Mains question & Model Answer) for daily practice & Weekly tests on every Sunday.

09. Daily Class notes curated by experts on the topics discussed in the Live Lecture.

10. Free Prelims Test Series.

11. This batch includes CSAT Preparation.

12. Doubt Solving Facility : We provide a Doubt solving facility with the best faculties of the industry to solve each and every doubt of students via Doubt Engine which is enabled by a Team of Experts along with Faculties solving doubts for students.

13. Study material by experts (E-books) – SAMPOORNA: Comprehensive Booklets for CSE, MANTHAN: Monthly Current Affairs Magazine, UDAAN: Quick revision booklets specially for prelims, UDAAN 500: One stop solution for 1.5Year current affairs (Free for all enrolled students)

14.This batch includes comprehensive coverage of all the topics mentioned in the UPSC CSE 2024 syllabus.

15. Select 360 will be available on the day of batch start date that is from 5th June 2023.

16. There is NO REFUND policy.

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